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Isolated Cannabinods, Pixel Pour High Flavor Dabs, & Strain Specific CBD Dabs

Buy CBD Dabs and CBD Crumble at PhytoFamily. Our CBD isolate powder has been topping bowls, coating dabs and making joints last longer for 8 years.  We use PhytoTerps Terpenes to make our Hight Terpene Isolate, which is great to dab on its own or mixed with a dab from your favorite dispensary. You can add High Terp Isolate to the top of a bowl or inside a joint to balance the THC with CBD and bring more terpene effects and flavor to your smoking experience!

If you are looking for something with more of a fruity flavor, be sure to check out the Pixel Pour Dabs.  Stay tuned for new drops in 2024 🙂