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Buy CBD Dabs with confidence with PhytoDabs! 99% Pure Hemp Isolate Powder, AA-Grade

  • This is in the Powder form, which is alcohol washed.
  • AA-Grade powder is made without harsh solvents.
  • 99% Cannabinoids
  • Can be used just like any concentrate, dab it, top a bowl, or add to any fatty foods.
  • Contains no terpenes, we go to extra lengths to remove everything through recrystallization.

Looking for Wholesale CBD Isolate? We offer bulk pricing and CBD isolate kilos from Colorado hemp. Email us at sales@phytofamily.com to get started!

Orders will ship within 72 business hours of payment except during Flash Sales and new product releases when shipping times may be delayed due to a high volume of orders. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Care team at support@phytofamily.com

Our “AA-Grade” Isolate powder has small amounts of minor cannabinoids like CBDV and CBN in it. The amounts aren’t high enough to call it full spectrum, but there is a wider spectrum. We believe this is a highly desireable quality. There are no impurities, this is a 99% pure cannabinoid isolate. Check this latest batch’s COA to see the minor cannabinoids.

The flavor is amazing, cherries, cucumbers and notes of roses. Everyone experiences the flavor slightly differently. This is our favorite isolate hands down!

Our AA-Grade Isolate is alcohol washed to remove other residual solvents, making it a very clean and pure choice for your CBD. It has a flatter white color than our premium “AAA-Grade” Crystalline Isolate. The process to produce our premium “AAA-Grade” Crystal isolate requires nonpolar solvents such as heptane to obtain the crystal appearance whereas this new “AA-Grade” Isolate Powder doesn’t go through this final step making it a cost-effective and high-quality choice.

PhytoFamily is on a mission to broaden your choices in the CBD market. We’re excited to introduce our new AA-Grade 99% CBD Isolate Powder. We have been providing the highest quality CBD isolate to our customers for almost 3 years now.

Our Quality control processes keep solvent levels well below the industry standard. Every batch of Isolate comes with a COA & is tested for pesticides on our LC-MS-MS. We are constantly developing our in house testing program & purchasing analytical equipment.

This isolate is great for formulating products & creating more balanced dabs. We wholesale to companies all over the world and enjoy seeing CBD used in new ways. Contact us today if we can provide you with bulk CBD, Co-Packing or Product R&D.

Orders will ship within 72 business hours of payment except during Flash Sales and new product releases when shipping times may be delayed due to a high volume of orders. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Care team at support@phytofamily.com

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8 reviews for 99% Isolate With No Terpenes – AA Grade Powder

  1. vgb21799 (verified owner)

    This product came within 5 days of ordering. I made my own tincture with 20ml of MCT oil, dumped in the whole 500mg of CBD. I’ve been taking it for 4 days now and I can’t really feel a difference surprisingly since I increased my dosage. I’ve never used a tincture before, previously I vaped (using Hemplucid 150mg) and I felt the effects within a few minutes. I know that tinctures take longer to feel the effects, but I hardly feel anything at all and I’m not sure why that is. If you want to try it for yourself, go for it. It doesn’t hurt to try to see if it’ll work for you since a half a gram is only 15 bucks. All in all, I’m glad I got such a good deal, but I wish it would’ve worked better.

  2. Mark

    I give this item 5 stars, for obvious quality, purity and affordability. CBD isolate is an almost pure product, so knocking off a couple stars like another reviewer did just because ‘it wasn’t like last time’ (even though they used an entirely different mode of ingestion) seems pretty unfair.
    For pure CBD isolate this is a great product. Will definitely buy again.

  3. Jeffrey Smith

    This is the first CBD product I used. I use on a dab rig. Can feel the effects almost immediately. You want some pure CBD? Get this stuff. Perfect for a nightcap when I get home from work.

  4. Jakesmokespot (verified owner)

    5 stars is the only rating this should have. First, the price for a half g, can’t beat 19.99 or especially when it’s on sale for 14.99. i believe it has no extra cannabinoids but that doesn’t matter as long as you use other cannabis medicines. Dabbing it definitely the way I enjoy it the most. I’ll get a dab ready and I’ll dip it into the CBD powder until it looks like a frosty nug 😂 Makes the dab at least 10 times better and suprisingly smoother. Sprinkle on a bowl, dab it, you can even put into a bottle of vape juice and it mixes with ease. Oh yea, and you can just straight up eat it on food! All of these methods work for me. Wish I can give⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  5. Erin

    I bought isolate to test from 3 different places for my small business and what I received from Phyto was far superior to the competitors! I’m not lying when I say that 1 jar of isolate I received from another company literally had pieces of dirt in it like it had been scraped off the floor. Although they all claim to be 99% pure, I’m convinced that not all isolate is created equal and I will certainly only be purchasing it from here in the future! Thank you for a high quality product!

  6. Bayoustate

    Great product and pricing. Dosage per person is different for all . Don’t give up,it works. Get the sample lab results always,
    Powder or crystal ? . Crystal is Lil more potent, close to 1000mg CBd/gram

  7. Rollins

    Personally didn’t do much for me anxiety wise but I’ll have to give it another chance in the future using a different ingestion method.

    But as others said this deserves a 5 stars,the price is simply unbeatable. I’ve seen shops sell a quarter of the amount for 25$+ so this is a must if it has use for you

  8. charleskelly494 (verified owner)

    I’m a full blown thc smoker I enjoy this product far more together or alone espically the crumbles first week dropped 150 so far

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