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Cannabigerol (CBG Isolate) Powder for Dabs, Vaping, and Ingestion

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Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid that often occurs in higher concentrations in Sativa strains. First we brought you high-CBG extracts in the Form of PhytoResin and our Sativa capsules. Now we’re offering you the ability to dab, vape, or eat CBG in it’s purest form: Isolate. Just like CBD Isolate, this extract is highly purified to remove other cannabinoids and terpenes. There is a trace of CBCA in this isolate, but otherwise it contains no other cannabinoids.

Hemp plants don’t contain as much CBG as they do CBD. Therefore, this product is harder to produce and is more limited. It comes from high-CBG hemp strains that are specifically bred to produce more CBG than usual.

The flavor is sweet and light, with faint herbal and floral notes. It has a different flavor and different mouthfeel than CBD Isolate.

CBG Isolate has a slightly different texture than CBD Isolate. It’s a fine powder with a shimmery appearance. It can appear slightly off-white under certain light. 

  • Pure 99% CBG Isolate
  • Contains a trace of CBCA, no other cannabinoids
  • Sweet, light flavor with herbal notes
  • In the powder form.
  • Can be used just like any concentrate, dab it, top a bowl, or add to any fatty foods.
  • Contains no terpenes, we go to extra lengths to remove everything through recrystallization.

Ingredients: 99% CBG Isolate

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