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What Is CBD Crumble and Wax?

CBD Crumble is created by removing the THC and other harsh phytochemicals from distillate.  You’ll often hear this extract referred to as CBD wax or CBG wax.  We retain and complement the terpene profile of the original distillate and concentrate the CBD (cannabidiol) CBG (cannabigerol).  We hit ratios of CBD:CBG of 20:1 to 10:1.  The strain Remedy has been one of the most potent smelling terpene profiles that we have found with crumble.

Curious about terpenes? Check out our article to learn more about these awesome phytochemicals!

How is crumble made?

CBD Crumble is produced on chromatography equipment using reverse phase chromatography.  We never use any harsh solvents in this process—only ethanol alcohol and water.  Then the alcohol is purged leaving behind a highly concentrated crumbly/crystalline extract. Watching the crystals form when we whip this extract is one of our favorite parts of the process. If you hear people talking about high CBD wax, then they are probably talking about our crumble!

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