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What are the Different Ways to Consume CBD

The CBD industry gaining more attention is an extremely exciting time for those who use it or are interested in getting into it. There’s a lot we can learn about what CBD can do and how we can use it, including the different ways to consume it. If you’re new to the world of CBD, you might not know what to try first. Even if you’ve been using CBD products for a while, you might be looking for suggestions on what to try next. It might seem difficult to pick what CBD product to try because there are many different ways you can consume it. 

Check out these ways that you can use CBD. 

Oil & Tinctures

CBD oil and tinctures are some of the most well-known forms of consuming CBD. Many people mistakenly think they’re different names for the same product, but there are some differences between them. While their makeups may differ, the way you use the two products are still very similar. The easiest way of consuming oils and tinctures is by putting CBD drops under your tongue. You can do this with both products, but many tend to prefer the taste of tincture over oils due to the additives. However, it’s important to know if the product you have is CBD oil or tinctures if you’re planning on consuming it in ways other than putting it under your tongue. For example, adding CBD oil to food or drinks may alter it, so tinctures are often better for this and CBD oil can sometimes be used for vapes, whereas tincture can’t due to the additives.


The taste of CBD oil is unpleasant for many people, and while tinctures can taste much better, it still might not be right for some people. If you’re concerned about taking oils or tinctures, CBD capsules and pills could be the ideal solution. Soft gels or pills are made with CBD oil concentrate, allowing you to take CBD oil without dealing with the taste. A pill or capsule is one of the easiest ways to take CBD oil and is no different than swallowing any of the other pills you’ve taken. An additional bonus of using capsules and pills is that you’re getting a premeasured amount, so there’s no guesswork to tell if you’re taking the recommended dosage. 


While dabs have become a popular way of consuming CBD, this type of CBD product isn’t as straightforward as the others and requires some extra work and supplies to use. CBD dabs are a highly concentrated form of pure CBD. There are several different types of dabs, with the most common being wax, which is a sticky substance that closely resembles regular wax. The different CBD dabs available are all very similar with the exception of their texture and appearance, a few other types being more glass-like or closer to a honeycomb. Dabs are consumed by heating water used to turn the dab into a vapor, and then inhaling the vapors. 


If you’re looking for a fun way of taking CBD, gummies are perfect. Anyone who’s taken gummy vitamins in the past will already be familiar with how a CBD gummy works. CBD gummies are simply gummy snacks that contain CBD oil. There are a wide variety of options out there when it comes to CBD gummies and you’ll likely be able to find them in your favorite type of gummy snack, whether it’s gummy bears or gummy worms. Since they contain CBD oil, you might be able to slightly taste it, although the added flavors are often enough to mask it. 

Treats for the pets

CBD isn’t just for humans, you can also buy it for your pet, whether or a cat person or a dog person. You can give your pet a CBD treat the same way you would give them their other favorite treats. Many people believe that CBD can support some of the same health benefits it’s speculated to have for humans. However, just like CBD being used for humans, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no data about how CBD can benefit your pets. 

Creams and Topicals

While the exact benefits of CBD are unknown, there is the chance it can support healthy skin. Because of this, applying a CBD topical to the skin has become a popular way of using it. For certain issues, some think that CBD can be most effective when applied topically, rather than being consumed internally. This would be similar to applying a topical treatment to a rash or using a product on your face. You might automatically assume a CBD cream would only be used for skin issues like acne, but some believe it can support relief for arthritis


Over the past few years, vaping has really taken off and has gained a lot of popularity, so it isn’t surprising that this is a common way of consuming CBD today. If you vape CBD, it will be the same process as any other time you vape. Vaping CBD also allows you to absorb it faster, which is why many people use this method. However, if you do choose to vape CBD, it’s important to make sure you’re buying CBD products that are specifically meant to be vaped to ensure you’re doing it safely.

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