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The Reality Behind Cannabidiol’s Medical Hype

cbd medical claims

It doesn’t seem like long ago that not many people were talking about cannabidiol, also known as CBD. Now, you can find CBD in everyday places all over the country. Almost every state has legalized certain uses of it. CBD can be added to just about anything, like food and beauty products. While cannabidiol is one of the biggest trends you can find today and it’s become easily available, many people don’t actually understand it or still have a lot of questions about it. Most of the questions people have regarding CBD are the health benefits that many claim it has. 

Although many swear by the benefits cannabidiol can have for your wellbeing, there are still plenty of skeptics out there. If you’ve been wondering about whether or not CBD can help you, here’s some more information on the health claims that surround it. 

What Exactly is Cannabidiol? 

For how popular cannabidiol is, there’s still some confusion about what exactly it is, even by those who use it. Whenever you’re using a product, especially if it’s for your health, you should understand what it is. Cannabidiol is much more straightforward than it may seem, it’s simply a chemical extracted from a cannabis plant, also known as hemp. Unlike THC, which also comes from cannabis, CBD isn’t psychoactive. Because of this, CBD has more of a physical effect on those who use it and has none of the mental effects that you would experience with THC. This is what many get wrong about CBD, as it doesn’t give you a “high” feeling that many assume it does.

CBD might seem like it’s just the latest trend, but that’s far from the truth. People have been using hemp-extract to support their health all over the world for centuries. While it might have just made it big in society today, hemp extract has been proving its worth for years. There’s still a lot to learn about the health benefits it can support, but it’s already earned a spot in many people’s medicine cabinets. 

Does it Have Medical Benefits?

CBD products are one of the most talked-about wellness topics right now, both by those who say it can offer health benefits and those who have their doubts. Using cannabidiol for medical purposes is still fairly new, so there’s often not much proof to say that it has all the health benefits people claim it does. However, it has gained enough supporters to show that there could be some truth that people could benefit from using it.

There is a wide range of health concerns people claim hemp-extract can significantly help support, although these benefits aren’t guaranteed. One of the most popular claims is that hemp extract can support relief from anxiety. It might also be able to help support relief from a variety of different physical pains. Those with skin conditions like acne may also be able to benefit from hemp-extract. 

For right now, no one can promise you that you can get health benefits from using hemp-extract. Even if you know someone who has had CBD work for them, you can’t expect it to do the same for you. As cannabidiol use becomes more and more common and people begin to look to it for healthcare, studies may be able to show what exactly we can use it to help with. 

What are the Cons of Cannabidiol? 

While no guarantees can be made for what you can get out of cannabidiol use, it most likely won’t hurt to try.  Of course, many people want to know what could potentially go wrong by using cannabidiol. Many people swear by CBD, but there could still be some negative side effects that occur. Like anything, CBD will also affect each person differently, so it isn’t right for everyone. However, in most cases using CBD correctly is believed to be safe and many people don’t experience any side effects. When these side effects do happen, they can cause drowsiness, low blood pressure, and dry mouth. 

It’s also important to use the correct dosage and to make sure that it doesn’t have any negative reactions with medications you’re taking. Whenever you buy CBD, you should always be sure that you’re buying it from a reliable source so that you aren’t putting your health at risk. Before trying CBD for medical use, you should consider talking to your doctor first.

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