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Sneak Peek: Terpenes in the Lab

Happy 710 Phytofam!

We are always working on exciting experiments in the lab. This week we wanted to share a Top Secret Project that has been under development the last year; The Terp Sauce Tek. This has been a huge development in the Medical Marijuana market the last 2 years. Some of our best friends are leading that field and we are proud to bring their wisdom into the Artisanal Hemp Industry.

We have been recrystallizing CBD with Pentane and Heptane since 2015. In December of 2015 we created our first “Live Resin” from CBD Isolate and Hemp Terpenes. We realized the power of this tek and have been focused on bringing you the purest Hemp and Botanical terpenes on the market.

The Flower being grown in 2015 was nothing like what is being grown today. Daizee & I have been growing cannabis since 2009 and we are proud to say the terpene profiles this year remind us of our medical grows. Strains like Cherry, Otto, & Remedy foreshadow what is to come this fall.

We want to take the time to thank you for your support the last 3 years. Every time you make a purchase from us, it helps Daizee & I push our products further. What you see above belongs to the entire Phyto Family. We couldn’t have done it without you <3


Daizee & Grangie