Ratios Elixirs – Full Spectrum MCT Oil Drops – Cherry Single Source – 1000mg (30ml)


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CBD Drops made with Ratios high CBD Crumbles. This batch is a Single-Source batch from the Cherry strain.

These CBD drops are made with our Ratios Crumbles, which contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids with less than 0.3% THC.

  • 1000mg Ratios Crumble per bottle
  • MCT Oil as the delivery vehicle which aids in absorption
  • 30 ml bottle

Our Ratios Crumbles are a unique ingredient that sets these drops apart from other CBD tinctures. The chromatography extraction process used to produce Ratios Crumbles preserves a high concentration terpenes in the extract. In addition, this process concentrates the cannabinoids in the hemp. They are produced in small batches, and each batch comes from one field on one farm within the PhytoFamily Farm Network.

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Suggested Starting Usage:

Start with 1 dropper (1 ml) every 4-6 hours with food. Make notes and adjust as needed. Try adding to coffee or on top of food. For pets, start with 6-8 drops every 4-6 hours and adjust gradually. Some pets stomachs may be sensitive to MCT oil so we suggest feeding with a small amount of tasty food.

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