RAO Rosin Drops – Remedy – Full Spectrum – 1000mg (30ml)

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Rosin Drops by RAO are the industry’s first solventless hemp drops.

We’re bringing the cannabis industry’s top shelf extraction processes to the hemp industry. Our drops are made with only the highest quality ingredients and provide a wide range of cannabinoids. Rosin is one of the most sought after methods of extraction for cannabis, therefore we are bringing this solventless method to the hemp industry.

Rosin is a solventless extract. First we harvest the fresh hemp flowers from the field. Next we use heat and pressure to squeeze the phytochemicals out of the plant without the use of any solvents. Due to this chemical-free process, solventless extracts are considered some of the highest quality extracts in the world. As a result of this process, a high concentration of terpenes and other hemp phytochemicals are present in the extract.

Check out the PhytoFamily Blog to learn more about Terpenes!

This extract comes from the Remedy hemp strain which comes from the Phytofamily Farms network of Colorado hemp farms. Our hemp is organically grown without the use of pesticides. Check our test results and you’ll see no pesticides, heavy metals, or mold.

Furthermore, the rosin extraction process preserves a high concentration of non-activated cannabinoids. Specifically, there are high concentrations of CBDA, CBGA and THCA. Because of these cannabinoids, if you’re interested in juicing cannabis you’ll want to try these drops. You can read more about CBDA and juicing cannabis in this article on Herb.com

Each bottle contains 1000 mg of Hemp Rosin.

Cannabinoid content per bottle:

  • CBD 295.5 mg (activated)
  • CBDA 260.1 mg (non-activated)
  • CBC 2.4 mg
  • CBG 0.3 mg
  • CBGA: 7.8 mg
  • THC 3.6 mg (activated)
  • THCA 7.2 mg (non-activated)

Suggested Starting Usage:

Solventless hemp rosin, MCT oil from coconuts.


Start with a 1 ml serving size every 4-6 hours. Adjust as needed. Everyone is different, therefore we suggest making notes as you adjust the serving size to find out what is right for you.

PhytoFamily is on a mission to bring you more choices in your CBD oil! Try all the drops to find out which balance of cannabinoids is right for you.

Orders will ship within 72 business hours of payment except during Flash Sales and new product releases when shipping times may be delayed due to a high volume of orders. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Care team at support@phytofamily.com

2 reviews for RAO Rosin Drops – Remedy – Full Spectrum – 1000mg (30ml)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    These are my favorite drops, I used them everyday especially during the day time. They have like a more smooth flavor than some of the other ones I’ve tried. The color is pretty too, light colored and kind of creamy looking because of the rosin.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rishad Haque (verified owner)

    Only first day on them so can’t attest to long term effectiveness of this but looks good and very little taste which imo is a desirable thing idk if I can update reviews but if I can I’ll update (if I remember) once I have empirical evidence it’s useful. thanks phyto!

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