PhytoFamily Originals Pet Drops – Full Spectrum CBD Drops – 600mg CBD or 1200mg CBD (30ml)


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Simplify your pet’s CBD regimen with full-spectrum hemp in an easy to measure concentration. Each dropper full is approximately 1 ml of liquid, which contains 20mg of CBD. A quarter of a dropper full will give you approximately 5 mg of CBD, making it simple to adjust the serving size as needed.
These drops are made with ethanol-extracted Colorado hemp from the PhytoFamily Farms Network. This method purifies the extract and allows us to remove terpenes for a milder extract that is more suitable for pets. Animals can be sensitive to terpenes, so we do not suggest products like Rosin Drops or High Terp Drops where there is a larger concentration of these phytochemicals.
The full-spectrum extract we use provides more than just CBD, making these a smart alternative to CBD Isolate-based products.

How to Use CBD Drops For Your Pet:

We suggest starting your pet with just 1-2 drops on a full meal of their favorite food. Coconut MCT Oil is safe for pets, but some animals may be sensitive to it at first, so a slow introduction is best to avoid potential gastrointestinal upset. This will typically go away with a reduced serving size for a few days as they adjust. Taking MCT Oil on an empty stomach is not recommended, so always feed with a full meal. Once you have determined your pet is not sensitive to MCT oil, you can increase the serving size and take some notes to find the correct serving size for your pet. We suggest only increasing by one drop at a time and going slowly. Always wait at least 3 hours before giving a second serving, and watch your pet closely for 4-6 hours after feeding. We believe it’s better to start your pet on a very small serving size and find what works for them rather than estimate a starting serving size based on their weight. Different animals will have different preferences and weight is not always a clear indication of the correct serving size.


600mg CBD (30ml bottle)

1200mg CBD (30ml bottle)


  • 30ml (1 fl oz)
  • MCT Oil as the carrier for increased absorption
  • Made with Colorado hemp
  • Full spectrum of cannabinoids
  • Extracted with highly purified hydrocarbons
  • Low in terpenes making it suitable for pets. Animals can be sensitive to terpenes.

For humans, try these similar products, which have a smooth and slightly spicy flavor with more terpenes:


MCT oil from coconuts, cold-processed high-cannabinoid hemp oil*.

*extracted with ethanol.

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Additional information

Weight 1.05 oz
Bottle Size

30 ml (1200mg+ CBD), 30ml (600mg+ CBD)