Lune Laboratories Pure Hemp Terpenes Vape Cart – Suver Haze Hemp Strain – Full-Spectrum – Beta Release


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We are excited to welcome Lune Laboratories newest vape- Suver Haze to the fam! Lune Laboratories exists to bring the cannabis industry’s cutting edge extraction techniques to the hemp industry. Our founder, Granger, spent years perfecting hydrocarbon extraction techniques in the medical marijuana industry prior to his research and development in hemp extraction. We’re dedicated to producing high-quality, high-terpene hemp extracts that defy expectations of what’s possible with hemp. We start with Colorado hemp from the PhytoFamily Farms Network. Getting to know farmers and their strains is a essential part of the selection process. Since 2018, we’ve brought you extracts like Live Resin, Cannabicitran Sugar, and Terp Sauce Rocks. Now we’re proud to announce the addition of single-source hemp terpenes with our new Pure Hemp Terp vape carts.

Hemp strain breeding has rapidly advanced in the past few years and these new generations of cultivars are rich in CBD as well as “minor” cannabinoids like CBG. They are also higher in terpenes than their ancestors, giving them richer and more varied flavor profiles along with significantly more pungent aromas. Lune Laboratories will be bringing you more new hemp strains in the coming months. Try the other new Pure Hemp Terp Vape with C4 Hemp Strain Terpenes.

These Suver Haze vapes contain a full-spectrum hemp extract high in CBD. Because this is a full-spectrum product, they main contain traces of THC at less than 0.3%. This hemp extract is produced with ethanol extraction. This extraction process has multiple benefits: it purifies the extract, concentrates the cannabinoids, and preserves a high concentration of naturally occurring hemp terpenes.

About This Strain:

These single-source terpenes come from the Suver Haze hemp strain. This strain is a cross between Special Sauce and Neville’s Haze. These genetics provide notes of tropical fruit and a slightly tart/sweet flavor. Its name comes from Suver Road in Oregon, where it was first bred. This new strain is just one of the many exciting new cultivars being bred in the US. These terpenes come from hemp grown in Oregon. These terpenes do not come from medical marijuana or from any plants other than hemp.

Terpene Profile:

This vape is made with pure hemp terpenes sourced directly from the Suver Haze strain. It’s high in Myrcene, Cis-Beta-Ocimene, and Beta-Caryophyllene.

Cannabinoid Contents:

  • .5ml cart = 287.39mg CBD, 2.07mg CBDV, 4.34mg CBG
  • 1ml cart = 574.78mg CBD, 4.14mg CBDV, 8.68mg CBG


  • Made with Pure Hemp Terpenes derived from the Suver Haze hemp strain, grown and extracted in Oregon
  • Made with full-spectrum High CBD hemp, grown and produced in Colorado using ethanol extraction
  • 510 Threaded C-Cell brand vape cart fits with many different batteries.
  • Ceramic heating element provides ideal even heating and a smooth hit with no metal.
  • Ceramic mouthpiece.
  • Battery not included.

How to Use:

These cartridges are designed to work with 510 threaded batteries. They will work most seamlessly with Ccell brand vape batteries. We prefer Ccell because they provide the perfect low temperature to preserve flavor. However, these carts will work with most 510 threaded vape batteries. Please use the lowest heat/wattage setting if your battery has a temperature adjustment feature. Overheating these extracts will burn the terpenes and cannabinoids and damage the delicate flavors. If you notice any harsh flavors, this is an indication that the temperature is too high and the terpenes are getting burned.


Ethanol extracted hemp, hemp-derived terpenes, MCT Oil,* PEG**

*We believe MCT is one of the better thinning agents for CBD hashes and extracts. The molecules in MCT oil are small enough that they are quickly absorbed into the body. We will be offering other brands which utilize different thinning agents so you will be able to choose the vape mix that’s right for you. We understand there is a lot of confusion around vape thinning agents and as a company PhytoFamily seeks to provide you with a wide array of high quality and affordable options.

**We use a small amount of PEG to prevent the CBD from recrystallizing.  This allows us to reduce the amount of MCT in our blend.  Crystallization is an issue with all high quality CBD Vapes.  We offer multiple brands, which use different thinning agents.

Orders will ship within 72 business hours of payment except during Flash Sales and new product releases when shipping times may be delayed due to a high volume of orders. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Care team at [email protected]


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