PhytoDabs Purity Slabs – Linalool & Limonene – 99% CBD Isolate Dabs w/ Terpenes


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Linalool and Limonene Slabs are just one of the juicy terpene dabs in PhytoDabs new line of CBD slabs with terpenes. CBD Dabs infused with our single terpenes are the epitome of phytochemical experimentation.  Terpenes are the phytochemicals that give different cannabis strains their unique flavors and aromas. Oftentimes there is so much complexity in the phytochemicals in cannabis strains that it’s hard to tell which terpenes and cannabinoids you like or dislike. Dabbing CBD infused with our terpenes gives you a simple way to try out terpenes and find your favorites. Mix and match or double down on your fave with our new line of CBD Dabs.

This slab is a Beta Release and is a limited batch. Leave a review below and tell us if you think we should make more!


  • Made with 99% CBD Isolate
  • Infused with all-natural linalool and limonene terpenes
  • Made with food grade, organic, solvent-free terpenes
  • Can be dabbed, smoked, vaped, or eaten
  • Slab form makes it easy to handle with less mess
  • Our isolate comes from Colorado hemp farms within the PhytoFamily Farms network


Linalool creates hints of licorice candy and a soft floral flavor. Limonene lends a bright citrus taste with a blast of orange and lemon aromas. This slab has a smooth mouth feel.

Terpene Effects

Linalool is a citrusy, floral terpene. It’s found in over 200 different plants but is most commonly known for being in the lavender plant. Lavender is known to be soothing and calming and has been used for centuries in traditions like aromatherapy. Linalool is renowned for its anti-inflamatory and pain-reducing capabilities. Linalool is commonly found in cannabis strains that are used recreationally for sedation and anxiety, and medically as anti-depressants and for anti-anxiety. Linalool also has strong anticonvulsive properties. Some strains high in Linalool include LA Confidential, Grape Ape and Grand Daddy Purple.

Limonene is a loud, sweet, and tangy citrus terpene. It’s found mainly in citrus plants including lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges. Limonene is is known to be mood-lifting and stress-reducing. It has also been found to regulate appetite and function as an antioxidant. Limonene is commonly found in cannabis strains that are used recreationally for mood, and medically as anti-fungals and anti-bacterials. Some cannabis strains high in Limonene include Super Lemon Haze and Jack Herer.

How to Use:

This extract must be dabbed at low temperatures because of the high terpene concentration. Terpenes are very sensitive to heat, and the most delicate terpenes will boil off at low temperatures. Low-temp dabbing ensures that you taste the true flavor of the extract without burning the delicate terpenes that give the extract its complex flavor and aroma.

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We suggest dabbing between 315-400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are using a quartz nail, we suggest heating for 16 seconds and letting it cool for 35 seconds before dabbing. Always use a carb cap – this ensures your dab will continue to melt as the nail cools down, and prevents vapor from escaping your dab rig. Every dabbing setup is different, so take some notes and experiment with the heating and cooling times to achieve the perfect dab. It is best to start at a lower temperature and go from there to ensure you don’t burn the terpenes.

If you are using a wax pen or vape pen, make sure it is on the lowest heat setting.

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