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Is Hemp-Derived CBD Safe?

is hemp cbd safe

If you pay any attention to the health and wellness industries, you’ve probably heard a lot about cannabidiol over the past few years. CBD is derived from hemp plants and has been used by multiple different cultures for centuries, although it’s recently gained a lot of attention. Nearly every state at this point has legalized different uses of CBD, making it easily accessible to many. As with any trend, there are a lot of questions about using CBD, as well as research to be done about its usage. 

The hype around CBD is huge because of the medical properties many claim hemp-extract has, although most of these claims are not yet proven. Naturally, there are many people who have trouble trusting CBD and view it as the same thing as marijuana, which is incorrect. On the other hand, some CBD enthusiasts think of it as a totally risk-free medicine, which is not always the truth when you buy CBD from some suppliers. 

Misinformation about CBD is everywhere, so many of you might be wondering whether or not it’s actually safe to use. Here, we can help answer the questions you have about using CBD.

So, is it Safe?

In general, hemp-derived CBD is safe to use. Many of the negative opinions about CBD come from a lack of understanding, but educating yourself is important for everyone as it becomes more popular. You’ve likely heard many of the claims people have made about what hemp-extract can do for your health. Since hemp-extract as a form of medicine is relatively new for us today, there isn’t enough information to say what exactly it will be able to help with. Right now, the FDA has approved one CBD drug that can help treat rare forms of epilepsy. Using hemp-extract may or may not be able to support some of the health benefits people associate with it, but it likely won’t hurt to try. There’s still a lot to be learned about using hemp-derived CBD, and while the benefits are yet to be proven, the risk for most people is very small. 

How to Get Safe CBD

As a consumer, it’s always best to do your research before you buy something, especially when it’s a health or wellness product. There are always new trends going on, some of which don’t deliver what they advertise, so it’s important to be aware of what to look for. People all over the country are interested in getting into CBD products, and many companies try to take advantage of that by selling low-quality products. Because of this, there are some concerns about CBD for consumers to be aware of.  While hemp-derived CBD is safe, it depends on the source you’re getting it from to be sure that you can trust it.

Since hemp is a plant, the farm it grows on can make a huge difference in the quality of it and whether or not it’s safe to use. When you buy fresh produce, how it was farmed can often impact where you buy from, which is a practice you should also follow when buying CBD. If hemp is grown in contaminated soil, the plant itself can be compromised, which in turn would affect the CBD that comes from it. Soil can become contaminated for a number of different reasons, so it’s important to buy from companies taking every precaution. Just a few things found in soil that could make CBD unsafe are heavy metals and pesticides. Even if a neighboring farm does anything that can contaminate the soil, this can still make the hemp being grown unsafe. There’s also the concern that CBD products contain a higher amount of THC and don’t make consumers aware. 

Buy CBD From a Reliable Company

If you’re buying CBD, buying it from a reliable company should be your priority. At Phytodabs, we know how important it is to be able to trust the companies you buy from. We work hard to ensure our customers are getting the highest-quality and safest hemp-derived CBD products. By keeping our farms protracted from any possible contaminants and away from farms that do use these contaminants, we’re able to provide you with products you can trust. We offer a wide variety of CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC. 

If you still have questions about CBD, be sure to contact us.

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