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How to Know if You are Buying Quality CBD Products?

If you’re interested in buying CBD products, you’ve likely got a lot of questions. Even those who have been using CBD products for years still want to know more about the industry. One question many people tend to have when it comes to buying CBD products is how to tell whether or not the products they’re buying are good quality. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to find answers to your questions, which might make people wary of trying or buying CBD products. The CBD industry has grown rapidly in just a short period of time and it’s continuing to grow, and while there’s research still being done, there’s also a lot of misinformation floating that can be confusing for consumers.

Buying quality CBD products isn’t as easy as just looking at a product and knowing it’s good. There is a little bit of research you should do if you want to know the quality of a CBD product before you use it. However, there are a few key things that consumers can look for when buying a CBD product to know that what they’re getting is high-quality. Before you buy a CBD product, here are a few things to look into first to be sure you’re buying quality products. 

Where is the Hemp Sourced?

This is a question you need to ask whenever you’re buying CBD products. Of course, you can’t have good quality CBD if the hemp it’s being derived from isn’t good quality itself. The quality of hemp can often come down to how it’s farmed, which can vary greatly from place to place. Good soil is the key to growing good-quality hemp that you can get the best CBD from. Unfortunately, good soil can’t be found on every farm. One of the major concerns of growing hemp is the presence of heavy metals in the soil. These heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, can then be transferred into the hemp as it’s grown. Others use toxins like pesticides that can be harmful to hemp and result in unsafe and low-quality CBD. Even if the farm hemp is grown on doesn’t use pesticides, if the neighboring farms use it, it still puts the hemp at risk. When buying CBD, look for companies that mention where their hemp is grown. 

Lab Testing Results

The only way for companies to know for sure if the products they’re selling are good quality is if the CBD is being tested in a lab. There are a variety of different tests companies need to do to prove that their hemp is safe and good quality. Lab tests are a clear way of seeing that a product is of good quality. If a company doesn’t have lab results available on its website, you should take this as a sign not to buy from them. As mentioned above, toxins in the soil are a huge health concern when it comes to growing hemp and these lab results help to show that their products don’t contain these heavy metals or pesticides. CBD also needs to be tested for mold and microbes which should be shown on the lab results. Another concern many people have when buying CBD products is that it will end up containing more THC than it’s legally allowed to have. The amount of THC in CBD products will be shown on the lab results, so you don’t need to worry it containing too much.

Transparency from the Company

When it comes to any health and wellness product, especially those that have recently gained a lot of popularity, there’s going to be companies looking for ways to sell it. In order to do this, many make medical claims about how these products can benefit your health and some CBD companies are no different. When shopping for CBD products, you might run into a few companies that seem like they aren’t being transparent and providing customers with important information. Many people have praised CBD for what it’s done for their health, and while there’s the chance it’s true, what CBD can do is still being tested, so no one can make guarantees. Just because a company tells you their CBD products can do something specific for your health, doesn’t mean their products are low quality, but you should be aware they’re making promises they can’t keep. If you feel like you aren’t able to trust a company, it might be best to find somewhere else to buy CBD products. 

Trust Where You’re Buying CBD From

Buying CBD shouldn’t cause you any stress and you should be able to feel comfortable about doing it. At PhytoDabs, we understand how important it is to gain the trust of customers so that they can be excited about buying new CBD products. We offer a wide range of products and you can feel confident in their quality. 

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