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How CBD Oil Can Improve Your Quality of Life

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CBD oil is huge these days for its ability to support the body’s efforts to reduce chronic inflammation and pain. Many people are turning to CBD oil products and other forms of the compound as alternatives to traditional pain medications such as opioids.

One major advantage of the oil form of CBD, or cannabidiol, and other CBD products is that the substance is so versatile. People take CBD for anxiety and depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and epilepsy and heart disease. Even the individual who suffers not from any of these problems but simply from chronic nerve pain may find relief in CBD.

How is this done? What does CBD oil do to interact with inflammation and pain in the body? And, most importantly, how can CBD oil improve your quality of life? Phytodabs explains it all below.

How CBD Affects Your Body

Before we discuss the various ways in which CBD can improve the quality of your life, we want to explain, as simply as we can, how CBD interacts with your body in the first place. Our intention is to provide you with the basic science behind CBD chemistry so you come out more educated than before.

CBD is a chemical compound that comes from the Cannabis sativa plant, or, more simply, cannabis. Hemp, one species of the cannabis plant, is used as the primary source for CBD extraction because the plant contains little to no THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound found in marijuana that makes people feel intoxicated. CBD, then, may also be known as hemp extract.

Once consumed, CBD begins interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system to alleviate inflammation and pain. The system is the part of the human body that controls mood, memory, inflammation, and pain, among other functional areas. CBD influences receptors in the endocannabinoid system to relieve that inflammation. It has also been shown to alleviate distress, anxiety, and depression.

An increasing amount of people are coming to prefer CBD to traditional medications because CBD is all-natural, extracted directly from a plant. Compare CBD to opioids or other medications, which are all synthesized in laboratories.

Now that you know how CBD works in the body, let’s learn about the different ways that CBD can improve the quality of your life. Then, we will let you know how you can buy CBD oil online for all your needs.

CBD Can Support Chronic Pain

One of the most popular reasons for taking CBD oil products is to support chronic pain. 

CBD supports the bodies natural inflammation pathways and assists the body in this process.  One of the most talked about categories in this space is chronic pain.  This is something you should talk to your doctor about before integrating into your life style.  Vaping and dabbing our CBD slabs are going to be the fastest path to absorption, but many of our customers prefer tincture drops and softgels.

We spoke about this with Cameron Pullano of Greeny. He told us that CBD is something he regularly uses for pain management. “The most common use for CBD oil is for pain, something that can really destroy someone’s quality of life. Chronic pain can be an obstacle to doing nearly anything, including playing your favorite sport or even just taking the dog for a walk. For years, the only solutions to chronic pain were either to grit your teeth and deal with it or take medications like NSAIDs or opioids that have severe long-term health consequences. CBD offers a natural alternative that can be taken in a variety of ways.”

We hear this echoed by Ahmed Mir of the website Nature and Bloom. He said: “I like to work out, and I constantly struggle with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). I have been using a variety of CBD supplements regularly and have increased the frequency and intensity of my workouts significantly.”

CBD Can Support Anxiety

In the same way that CBD works within the endocannabinoid system to support inflammation and pain, so, too, can it be used to support one’s anxiety and depression. Those two conditions are problematic health issues for people worldwide. Mainstream medicine treats anxiety and depression with prescription medications, but many people find they dislike these because of the potentially harmful side effects. CBD, meanwhile, can support the body’s own regulation of anxiety and depression. With CBD, you may be able to support anxiety and depression while experiencing none of the side effects of typical antidepressants. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or a similar condition, ask your doctor about what CBD oil might be able to do for you.

CBD Can Help the Body Support Epilepsy Symptoms

We just said it, and it is worth repeating: as with anything we discuss relating to CBD, you should always consult with your doctor before making any decisions about using CBD to help your body reduce the inflammation and pain associated with certain medical conditions.  It is believed that CBD support people with epilepsy by interacting with the nervous system. Research is being done all the time on the relationship between CBD and people with seizure conditions.

Buy CBD Oil Online from Phytodabs

These days, it’s easier than ever to buy CBD oil for yourself or a loved one who is experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort due to a medical condition. Phytodabs carries CBD not only in oil form, but also in wax crumbles, vapes, CBD isolate powder, gummies, and tinctures, to name some. Our collection allows you to choose the CBD type that is right for you. Be sure to contact us with any questions.

We all know it is difficult to live with chronic medical conditions that decrease your daily enjoyment of life. CBD can help with that. Talk to your doctor to see for yourself what CBD can do for the quality of your life.

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