High Terp Vape Cart – Blue Dream – Full Spectrum – PhytoDabs CBD Vape With Terpenes


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High Terp Vape Carts are Full Spectrum High-CBD Hemp Vape Cartridges made with custom blended terpenes inspired by classic cannabis strains. The process we use to make the CBD extract also preserves a high concentration of pure hemp terpenes and a high cannabinoid content.

Inspired By the Blue Dream Strain*:

Blue Dream, originating in California, epitomizes the easy daydream of a West Coast weekend. Beloved by connoisseurs in search of a relaxed body but agile mind, this classic strain is known for its sweet overtone of (blue)berries, earthy body, and a delicate spice in the finish. Blue Dream carries the terpenes myrcene and terpinolene, both known to play a role in relieving pain. *This product does not contain terpenes from cannabis.

Cannabinoid Contents:

  • .5ml cart = 299.57mg CBD, 2.21mg CBDV, 3.82mg CBG, 0mg THC
  • 1ml cart = 599.14mg CBD, 4.42mg CBDV, 7.64mg CBG, 0mg THC


  • Blue Dream strain inspired custom-blended terpene profile*
    *Made with 100% natural terpenes from botanical sources, excluding cannabis
  • Made with High CBD full spectrum extract
  • 510 Threaded Cart fits with many different batteries.
  • Ceramic heating element provides ideal even heating and a smooth hit with no metal.
  • Ceramic mouthpiece.
  • Battery not included.


A solid blueberry base with a light sweetness reminds you of a fresh blueberry muffin hot from the oven.

Make sure to set your vape battery on the lowest heat setting. We suggest using our CCell Palm batteries for their  low temp that is perfect for vaping PhytoResin and other extracts with delicate terpenes.  This cute little battery is easy to stash in your bag or pocket and fits into the palm of your hand for discreet vaping on the go. The aluminum body is classy and durable.   Click here to shop Vape Batteries!

Botanical Terpene Effects*:

*These terpenes are not derived from cannabis. This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or other ailment.

This profile is high in Pinene and Myrcene which have anti-inflammatory effects. The combination of the sedating effects of myrcene with the stimulating effects of Pinene results in a balance that supports a calm mood and creativity without drowsiness.


High CBD Wax, Botanical Extracts, MCT Oil*, A touch of PEG**

*We believe MCT is one of the better thinning agents for CBD hashes and extracts. The molecules in MCT oil are small enough that they are quickly absorbed into the body. We will be offering other brands which utilize different thinning agents so you will be able to choose the vape mix that’s right for you. We understand there is a lot of confusion around vape thinning agents and as a company PhytoFamily seeks to provide you with a wide array of high quality and affordable options.

**We use a small amount of PEG to prevent the CBD from recrystallizing.  This allows us to reduce the amount of MCT in our blend.  Crystallization is an issue with all high quality CBD Vapes.  We offer multiple brands, which use different thinning agents.

Orders will ship within 72 business hours of payment except during Flash Sales and new product releases when shipping times may be delayed due to a high volume of orders. If you have any questions please contact our Customer Care team at [email protected]

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