Cloud Chromatography Full Spectrum CBT Capsules – MACROS: 20mg + 20mg 1:1 (Beta Release)


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Cannabicitran is one of the ten main cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant. Our cannabicitran comes from Colorado-grown hemp that is rich in both cannabinoids and terpenes. This is not your average hemp.

Cloud Chromatography makes broad-spectrum tailored cannabinoid extracts to enhance your cannabis and hemp experience. Chromatography is the science of separating stuff and we use this technology to select specific cannbinoids and concentrate them higher than levels found in any cannabis flower.

In addition to the CBT there is also CBD. We formulated these capsules to be 1:1 CBD:CBT.  As a result, this formulation gives you a solid concentration of CBD so you can try this new release as your daily source of cannabinoids. Additionally, you’ll find a high concentration of terpenes due to our extraction process which preserves them.

These capsules are offered in two sizes so make it easier to tailor your ratio of cannabinoids. MACROS have 40mg of cannabinoids per capsule and MICROS have 10mg of cannabinoids per capsule. If you want to fine tune your ratio of cannabinoids with consuming them in smaller increments, then check out the MICROS version here.

We are dedicated to bringing you new cannabinoids. PhytoFamily’s variety of hemp capsules are the perfect way to explore all the possibilities with this plant. Consume our capsules plain or alongside additional CBD or plant extracts to #FindYourRatios.

These capsules are made with MCT oil from coconuts which increases absorption.

Per Capsule Cannabinoid Concentration:

  • 20mg CBT
  • 20mg CBD
  • 1mg Terpenes


Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate, MCT Oil, Gelatin Capsule (not vegetarian)

How to Use Cannabicitran Capsules:

  • Start with 1 capsule every 4 hours as needed. Make notes and adjust the frequency or dose as needed.

Please store in a cool dry place to preserve the integrity of the phytochemicals. These capsules are susceptiple to damage from heat if left in hot places like your car.

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