PhytoFamily Cannabicitran (CBT) Capsules - Leak Proof Gel Caps - 20mg CBT and 20mg CBD 1:1 Ratio

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Cannabicitran Capsules *CLEARANCE* 

We are proud to offer Cannabicitran (CBT) for the first time ever to the world.

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This batch is 70+% CBT.  In addition to the CBT there is also CBD. We formulated these capsules to be 1:1 CBD:CBT.  As a result, this formulation gives you a solid concentration of CBD so you can try this new release as your daily source of cannabinoids. Additionally, you’ll find a high concentration of terpenes due to our extraction process which preserves them.

These capsules are currently our best price per mg of cannabinoids! There are 40mg of cannabinoids total per capsule. We are offering these at a great price so everyone can try Cannabicitran.

Per Capsule Cannabinoid Concentration:

  • 20mg CBT
  • 20mg CBD


Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate, MCT Oil, Gelatin Capsule (not vegetarian)

We are dedicated to bringing you new cannabinoids. PhytoFamily’s hemp capsules are the perfect way to explore all the possibilities with this plant. Consume our capsules plain or alongside additional CBD or plant extracts to #FindYourRatios #cannabicitran.

How to Use Cannabicitran Capsules:

  • Start with 1 capsule every 4 hours as needed. Make notes and adjust the frequency or dose as needed.

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7 reviews for PhytoFamily CBT Capsules – Leak Proof Gel Caps – 20mg 1:1

  1. ZAC Larsen (verified owner)

    This is a great addition to the phyto capsule line. I love that you guys are trying new things. Great Job!!!

  2. jake (verified owner)

    I didn’t really notice a difference. However, I DIDN’T have an allergic reaction to it, which is saying something, since I react to most things (MCAS)

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    Like the product. Provides and very clearheaded type of relief. Although light, I did find relief from anxiety and running thoughts with slight relief from aches and pains.

  4. Mike (verified owner)

    I really like this product. After one cap in the morning I noticed subtle relief from some minor stress and running thoughts with slight relief from aches and pains. There’s a clearheadedness (if that’s even a word) to the relief which I like. Really excited to see how this product works at higher doses for prolonged periods of time.

  5. HIPCAMP (verified owner)

    40 mg of total cannabinoids per cap makes a strong dose, and the CBT caps seemed to make me a little sleepy. Not certain if that’s a feature of CBT itself, or just the dosage. These caps worked best for me when combined with full spectrum tinctures.

  6. Michael (verified owner)

    I agree with the others that it felt more clearheaded than CBD alone. I felt mental clarity, anxiety relief, and relief from back and shoulder pain.

  7. Jim (verified owner)

    I’ve tried literally every product from you guys for last few years but this is only one I’ve ever questioned…
    I Got 200 and 500 mg bottles along with caps too so I definitely got to try them out properly. Just seemed like I had taken small amount of regular non FS cbd isolate or placebo. Just being honest. Caps seemed maybe better or more noticeable if at all.

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